Isabelle Karl

Isabelle Karl is a university student from Midland, Michigan. She is pursuing a Bachelor of Science from Northern Michigan University in History and Pre-Law. Isabelle plans on pursuing a career in public policy research following her graduation in May of 2021.

Dark Store Theory in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula: Impacts and Predictions

NMU student researcher Isabelle Karl gives an in-depth look at the losses in revenue and increased costs for local governments in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula due to tax breaks given to big box stores under the “dark store” loophole. She also discusses current legislative efforts to change how big box stores in Michigan are taxed in order to bring more revenue to local communities.

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Upper Peninsula Voting Data

The following data has been compiled by Isabelle Karl, a student researcher with Rural Insights….

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The Impact of Child Care in Rural Upper Peninsula and Compared to Three Urban Counties in Lower Michigan

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, though facing much higher rates of poverty and unemployment, sees comparable costs…

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