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MSU scandal starts where it should stop: With governing board

John Lindstrom’s article in the Detroit Free Press, “MSU is getting attention for the wrong reasons. Here’s how they can fix it,” discusses…

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Mandatory National Service

What does it mean to be an American citizen? Should public service be required of its citizens? A national discussion on this topic…

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Opinion: Don’t take your date to an asylum for Valentine’s Day

Tom Watkins and Jim Haveman recently wrote an opinion piece in The Detroit News: “Asylums that ‘treated’ individuals with mental illness have been a horror show for far too many people throughout our history. It should not become a spooky entertainment venue.”

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Affordable Housing in Marquette

Bill Vajda gives his thoughts on affordable housing in the City of Marquette, and in particular the impact of current rates on renters and the service economy.

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Rural Forest Markers Act is a Bipartisan Win-Win for Rural Landowners and the Environment

Rural Insights contributor Tom Watkins shares his thoughts on the bipartisan “Rural Forest Markets Act” bill, which authorizes the USDA to offer loan or bond guarantees of up to $150 million to open emerging markets for carbon mitigation, among other things, to rural forest owners.

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The UP Should Embrace Winter in 2020 to Prevent the “Twindemic”

In our latest “Rural Voices” piece, Upper Peninsula expat Alex Wellman shares his thoughts on how the UP could help prevent the “twindemic” this winter by embracing outdoor activities.

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Survey shows UP teachers’ opinion mixed on return to school

Educational technology expert Pamela Spady shares the results and her thoughts on a UP-wide survey of K-12 teachers on their opinions for how to return to school for the 2020-21 school year.

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Dickinson area sees economic growth in multiple sectors

Executive Director of the Dickinson Area Economic Alliance Lois Ellis provides an update on the economic growth being seen in the Iron Mountain Micropolitan Statistical Area, which encompasses the area in and around Iron Mountain, Kingsford, and Norway.

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How land banks are transforming rural communities

Marquette County’s Finance Manager Anne Giroux writes about how land banks are proving to be a powerful tool for locally-driven development–transforming communities and improving neighborhoods.

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All is not well: UP newspapers endure in era of COVID, cutbacks and social media

Despite immense challenges and an ever-changing landscape, newspapers in the Upper Peninsula have continued to survive. However, the future of print media in the region remains unclear.

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