Last October, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer declared the tenth month of the year as “College Month in Michigan.” Many employers in the UP need workers with a variety of skills and training, and increased focus is now being put on helping students obtain and find the right post-secondary education for their careers.

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Tax Abatements and Incentives for UP Businesses, Marquette and Sault as Launch Sites, Minimum Wage Debate, Apollo Acquisitions, and UP University COVID Management

Tax abatements and tax incentives for UP businesses, Marquette and Sault Ste. Maire as launch sites, minimum wage debate and the UP economy, Apollo/Lifepoint make more acquisitions, and UP universities’ success with COVID-19 management. Read this week’s Rural Whispers, Noise & Rumors by David Haynes!

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Update on COVID-19 Numbers in Chippewa County and War Memorial Hospital

President & CEO of Chippewa County War Memorial Hospital David Jahn gives an update on COVID-19 in Chippewa County. Despite seeing a surge a few weeks ago, the COVID-19 numbers have dropped drastically. One issue that remains is the need for more available COVID-19 vaccines in the Upper Peninsula.

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Celebrating Black History: Presidential Portrait Painter with Ties to the U.P.

February is the month in our nation when we intentionally celebrate and remember the stories of Black Americans. Erika Sauter, Director for the Iron County Historical & Museum Society, tells the story of Simmie Knox, a Black American artist with ties to Iron County, MI.

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Musings of a Veteran Public School Teacher: Experiences From the Classroom During the Pandemic

What’s it like being Director of Bands for the Upper Peninsula’s largest high school during a pandemic? In this issue of Rural Voices, Marquette Senior High School’s Dr. Matt Ludwig shares his experiences and insights on navigating the challenges to maintain a successful curriculum and educational experience for his students.

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Belated Happy Presidents Day, ICYMI, Jeep’s Super Bowl Ad, Rural Internet, Scheduling Senior COVID Vaccinations, and U of M Health Care in UP?

A belated Happy Presidents Day, new ICYMI tab, Jeep’s Super Bowl Advertisement, internet in rural areas (including the UP), scheduling senior citizens for the COVID vaccination, and University of Michigan health care in the UP? Read this week’s Rural Whispers, Noise & Rumors by David Haynes.

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Important Federal Student Aid Information for Students and Families

NMU Director of Financial Aid Mike Rotundo gives an update on the details for applying for Federal student aid, which he says should be done by March 1st in order to maximize financial aid eligibility. He also shares some ideas to bridge the gap if Federal aid does not cover the entire bill.

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Celebrating Dickinson County Achievements – Seven Things to Feel Good About in 2020

Lois Ellis, Executive Director of the Dickinson Area Economic Development Alliance, reflects on the positive developments that occurred in the Dickinson County community over the past year.

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Upper Peninsula Voting Data

The following data has been compiled by Isabelle Karl, a student researcher…

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Veteran Talent Utilization in State and Local Leadership

In this recent study, Dr. David Haynes and Jesse Sherman took a look at veteran representation among the leadership at the three public universities in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

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Rural America and the Veterans of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

Living in rural America presents challenges, especially in regard to the Veteran…

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The Impact of Child Care in Rural Upper Peninsula and Compared to Three Urban Counties in Lower Michigan

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, though facing much higher rates of poverty and unemployment,…

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Veteran Data: Population by County with Age Considerations in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

This report is part of a series of research papers put together…

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