New podcast featuring the President of Bay College, jump start a heart, Crocs and the UP, Pastivism, and Copper Harbor visitor explosion. Read this week’s Rural Whispers, Noise & Rumors by David Haynes!

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Interview with UP State Senator Ed McBroom

In the latest episode of the Rural Insights Podcast, David Haynes interviews Ed McBroom, a Republican member of the Michigan Senate, representing the 38th district in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Is McBroom considering a run for Governor next election? Watch or listen to this excellent interview to find out!

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News for UP Veterans, US Census and First District UP, Wolf Hunting, Short-Term Rentals, and 70,000 Degrees Through Michigan Connect

News just for UP veterans, US Census effect on 1st Congressional District’s electoral voice, wolf hunting in the UP, short-term rentals and local versus state control, 70,000 set to receive degree through Michigan Connect, and new podcast on Rural Insights. Read this week’s Rural Whispers, Noise & Rumors by David Haynes!

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Gender and Factory Work in the Upper Peninsula – Part One

A thorough history of the non-mining industries in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan has not been fully developed over the years, and the story of female factory workers has rarely been mentioned. Part One of this two-part series by Russell Magnaghi provides new insights into the history of women’s heritage in this region.

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Trust the Compass

“The compass was always there, steady and true. I looked at it often and knew my headings to each location by heart. I never doubted the compass when I could see clearly–but when the fog rolled in, so did my doubts and fear.” Read more from Marquette native and current Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA Police Chief Paul Tomasi in this edition of Rural Voices.

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We believe that Truth + Knowledge equals Power, and that the people in rural areas deserve access to these tools just as much as anyone else.

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UP Challenges for the Governor’s Office of Rural Development

The Upper Peninsula faces many challenges as a rural region that Governor Whitmer’s Office of Rural Development seeks to address–namely broadband access, infrastructure, and recruiting and retaining talent.

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Raising Awareness of Local Industry Needs Through Talent Initiatives

Talent is needed everywhere these days, and the Dickinson County area is experiencing a tight labor market like many communities, according to Lois Ellis, Director of Economic Development for the Dickinson Area Economic Development Alliance. Read about the current programs they are offering to help raise awareness of the most in-demand careers.

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Webinar on Federal COVID-19 Funding for U.P. Schools, Michigan Learning Channel, Lansing Updates, and COVID-19 Vaccinations in Rural Areas

Joint Rural Insights and CRC-Sponsored Webinar on May 26th, Michigan Learning Channel and the Upper Peninsula, Lansing Updates, COVID-19 Vaccinations and Rural Areas, & Appearing This Week on Rural Insights Website. Read this week’s edition of Rural Whispers, Noise & Rumors by David Haynes!

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A Quantitative Analysis of GDP in the Upper Peninsula

The data listed here comes from the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA)….

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Dark Store Theory in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula: Impacts and Predictions

NMU student researcher Isabelle Karl gives an in-depth look at the losses in revenue and increased costs for local governments in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula due to tax breaks given to big box stores under the “dark store” loophole. She also discusses current legislative efforts to change how big box stores in Michigan are taxed in order to bring more revenue to local communities.

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Hotel Tax in the Upper Peninsula

NMU research student Elan Barber gives an overview of the history and structure of hotel taxes in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

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Upper Peninsula Voting Data

The following data has been compiled by Isabelle Karl, a student researcher…

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Veteran Talent Utilization in State and Local Leadership

In this recent study, Dr. David Haynes and Jesse Sherman took a look at veteran representation among the leadership at the three public universities in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

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