A new paper detailing Upper Peninsula election data has been published to Rural Insights, using information compiled by Isabelle Karl, one of our student researchers.

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Reader Survey, UP Election Results by County, Canadian Government Sees Citizenship Request Increase, and Higher Ed Affordability

Rural Insights 2021 readership survey, new way to view Upper Peninsula election results, Canadian government sees increase in requests for citizenship, and a new proposal for improve higher education access and affordability. Read all about it in this week’s Rural Whispers, Noise and Rumors by David Haynes.

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A New Year and Beginning, Fun News to Begin 2021, COVID-19 Vaccines in the UP, Small Business Jobs, and a Rural Czar

A new year and a new beginning, some fun news to begin 2021, COVID-19 vaccines in the Upper Peninsula, small business job additions and deletions, ice melt in Negaunee, a rural czar to be appointed, and what has COVID done to the Upper Peninsula?

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Black Americans in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula – Part One

Upper Peninsula historian Dr. Russell Magnaghi gives a detailed history and overview of Black Americans in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula from 1743 to the present. Here is Part One of the series; Part Two will be published next Friday, January 22.

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Triangle Ranch: A Battle of Innovation Against the Unyielding Upper Peninsula

In this edition of Rural Voices, Erika Sauter tells the tragic story of Judson Rosebush’s Triangle Range in Iron County, Michigan–both a cautionary tale and a testament to the spirit of innovation in the face of grueling hardship in the Upper Peninsula.

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Happy Holidays from Rural Insights

Rural Insights will be taking a break for the holidays and return on January 4th. We’re wishing our readers Happy Holidays and a most successful, happy New Year in 2021.

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Michigan Presidential Electors Vote Today, High Voter Turnout, and Ideas to Fix America, Michigan, and the U.P.

Michigan Presidential Electors to vote today in Lansing, high voter turnout in the November election both statewide and in the Upper Peninsula, and ideas to fix America, Michigan, and the Upper Peninsula. Check out this week’s edition of Rural Whispers, Noise & Rumors by David Haynes.

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A ‘Thank You’ to Local Election Workers, a UP Mystery Resolved, New Article Perspectives, and More 2021 UP Issue Recommendations

A ‘thank you’ to UP local election officials and volunteers, a UP mystery has been resolved, perspectives on articles we publish, and more lame duck and 2021 public policy UP issue recommendations. Read about it in this week’s Rural Whispers, Noise & Rumors by David Haynes.

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Upper Peninsula Voting Data

The following data has been compiled by Isabelle Karl, a student researcher…

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Veteran Talent Utilization in State and Local Leadership

In this recent study, Dr. David Haynes and Jesse Sherman took a look at veteran representation among the leadership at the three public universities in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

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Rural America and the Veterans of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

Living in rural America presents challenges, especially in regard to the Veteran…

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The Impact of Child Care in Rural Upper Peninsula and Compared to Three Urban Counties in Lower Michigan

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, though facing much higher rates of poverty and unemployment,…

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Veteran Data: Population by County with Age Considerations in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

This report is part of a series of research papers put together…

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