Absentee ballots in the Upper Peninsula, Veteran food and insecurity, and more on the popular NMU dean resignation. Check out this week’s Rural Whispers, Noise & Rumors:

Reimbursement Policies Put Financial Strain on Larger UP Hospitals

President and CEO of Chippewa County War Memorial Hospital David Jahn discusses some of the financial difficulties of being a Prospective Payment System hospital in the U.P., and what will be necessary in order for rural PPS hospitals to survive financially.

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VA Schedules Free Drive-up Flu Shot Clinics for Veterans

Veterans enrolled in VA health care may get their flu shots at scheduled drive-up flu shot clinics at the Oscar G. Johnson VA Medical in Iron Mountain and at its seven community-based VA clinics.

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The UP Should Embrace Winter in 2020 to Prevent the “Twindemic”

In our latest “Rural Voices” piece, Upper Peninsula expat Alex Wellman shares his thoughts on how the UP could help prevent the “twindemic” this winter by embracing outdoor activities.

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A Popular NMU Dean Resigns, More On Dark Store Tax Appeals, and Mackinac Island Offering Remote Learning

A popular NMU dean resigns, more on the Dark Store tax appeals, and Mackinac Island offering remote learning. Read more in this week’s Rural Whispers, Noise & Rumors.

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Thimbleberries: A Precious U.P. Treasure

In the first article of our “Rural Voices” column, Daniel Truckey shares an account of why thimbleberries are such a special treasure in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

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Veteran Talent Utilization in State and Local Leadership

In this recent study, Dr. David Haynes and Jesse Sherman took a look at veteran representation among the leadership at the three public universities in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

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Rural America and the Veterans of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

Living in rural America presents challenges, especially in regard to the Veteran…

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The Impact of Child Care in Rural Upper Peninsula and Compared to Three Urban Counties in Lower Michigan

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, though facing much higher rates of poverty and unemployment,…

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Veteran Data: Population by County with Age Considerations in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

This report is part of a series of research papers put together…

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Veteran Data: Population and Compensation/Pension Statistics in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is separated by a body of water called the…

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