Longtime Marquette-area educator Pamela Spady gives a detailed account on what distance learning looks like for the four school districts in Gogebic County.

Rural Whispers, Noise & Rumors: June 29, 2020

UP’s most famous coach speaks out, NMU’s EAN network is slow, no UP or rural voices on State Board of Education, and UP colleges propose budget cuts . Read more in this week’s Whispers, Noise & Rumors.

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Expansion of Telemedicine in Rural America

“The increased use of telemedicine and telehealth has been a breakthrough for rural health,” says Dennis Smith in his analysis of how telemedicine has expanded in America and the role this technology has played in rural communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Neighbor, How Stands the UP?

Paraphrasing Stephen Vincent Benét, William Vajda asks the question, “Neighbor, How Stands the UP?” and offers a heartening response to that question amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Whispers, Noise & Rumors: June 22, 2020

Budget bills progress, Veteran involvement, Marquette beaches, and a Whispers correction. Read more in this week’s Whispers, Noise & Rumors.

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Changing demographics and employment structure bring long-term challenges to the Upper Peninsula

NMU Professor of Geography and former Dean of Arts & Sciences weights in on the long-term challenges he believes the Upper Peninsula will face as a result of changes in demographics, employment structure, and economic diversification.

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Rural America and the Veterans of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

Living in rural America presents challenges, especially in regard to the Veteran…

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The Impact of Child Care in Rural Upper Peninsula and Compared to Three Urban Counties in Lower Michigan

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, though facing much higher rates of poverty and unemployment,…

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Veteran Data: Population by County with Age Considerations in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

This report is part of a series of research papers put together…

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Veteran Data: Population and Compensation/Pension Statistics in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is separated by a body of water called the…

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Access to Youth Mental Health Care in a Rural Setting: Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

ABSTRACT The number of children and youth committing or attempting suicide is…

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