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Recent Links That Might Interest You

How Much Influence Should Universities Give Their Donors?

After the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel, some major donors are aiming to shape the free-speech values and top leadership on campuses.

A Seat at the Higher Ed Table: Enhancing Inclusivity for Veterans – HigherEd Military

“As a recent graduate of a Ph.D. program focusing on veteran issues of transition and reintegration, I became increasingly aware of the absence of veteran voices and perspectives in scholarly literat”

For Rep. Jason Morgan, the fight to codify same-sex marriage in Michigan is personal ⋆ Michigan Advance

This Michigan Advance article is about NMU Alumnus and former NMU Board of Trustees member and now State Legislator Jason Morgan. Take a look.

Michigan’s Western Upper Peninsula towns empty out, look to Wisconsin for lessons | Bridge Michigan

In a state with population problems, the western Upper Peninsula is ground zero. In Ontonagon county, there are five deaths for every birth.

The case for college: Promising solutions to reverse college enrollment declines

Is college worth it? The public is increasingly skeptical. A Wall Street Journal/NORC poll this year found 56% of adults said a four-year college was “not worth the cost,” up from 40% in 2013.