Global Service from Upper Peninsula Roots: Talking to Karen Ogle About Her Foreign Service Career

February 27, 2024

Join David Haynes in the latest engaging episode of the Rural Insights Podcast! In this episode, David welcomes Karen Ogle, a Marquette native who has built a distinguished career in the U.S. State Department. Karen shares her journey from her “lost years” in Marquette to her rise through the ranks of the foreign service, highlighting the mentors and experiences that shaped her path.

Karen provides a glimpse into the life of a foreign service officer, from managing American citizen services to navigating visa processes in various countries. She emphasizes the importance of community, both in small towns like Marquette and within the tight-knit world of embassies abroad. The conversation also touches on the opportunities and challenges of representing the U.S. across the globe and the importance of diversity and inclusion in the foreign service.

We appreciated Karen’s insights into the unique career path of a foreign service officer and the impact of small-town values on global diplomacy.


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