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Reimbursement Policies Put Financial Strain on Larger UP Hospitals

President and CEO of Chippewa County War Memorial Hospital David Jahn discusses some of the financial difficulties of being a Prospective Payment System hospital in the U.P., and what will be necessary in order for rural PPS hospitals to survive financially.

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Expansion of Telemedicine in Rural America

“The increased use of telemedicine and telehealth has been a breakthrough for rural health,” says Dennis Smith in his analysis of how telemedicine has expanded in America and the role this technology has played in rural communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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COVID-19 and its impact on rural independent healthcare

David Aro, General Manager and Partner at Superior Rehabilitation & Professional Services, gives his perspective on COVID-19’s impact on rural independent healthcare. “Our population base and infrastructure make virtually every aspect–prevention supplies, detection, treatment supplies, and alternative treatment options–more difficult.”

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Paper examines challenges faced by veterans in rural America

Rural Insights contributor Jesse Sherman examined some of the challenges faced by veterans in rural America, in a recently-published paper.

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Study finds child care costs, barriers more difficult for U.P. families

A recent Rural Insights paper that examined the child care costs found that, though child care costs present a challenge in the State of Michigan as a whole, they are especially difficult for families in the Upper Peninsula when compared to the urban counties downstate.

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