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Local Government Officials’ Assessments of Community Poverty in the Upper Peninsula

In her recent article, UofM Research Assistant Mia Brodeur explores the issue of poverty in the Upper Peninsula and how local government leaders perceive and address this challenge. This is the first in a series from the “CLOSE UP on the UP” project, a collaboration between the UofM Ford School of Public Policy’s Center for Local, State, and Urban Policy (CLOSUP), UofM’s UP Scholars Program, and Rural Insights.

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2020-2023 Census Population Estimates: A Mixed Bag for UP Counties

In their latest research piece, Michael and John Broadway explore the mixed demographic trends in the Upper Peninsula. While some counties see modest population growth due to remote work and migration, economic challenges remain deep-rooted in distressed communities.

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Farming? Yes!

Dr. Russell Magnaghi’s latest article explores the rich history of farming in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, highlighting its significance from Native American agriculture to modern-day farming practices, and celebrating the 125th anniversary of the Michigan State University Research and Extension Center at Chatham.

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Addressing Rural Challenges: A Conversation with Scott Erbisch

In the latest episode of the Rural Insights Podcast, seasoned public administrator Scott Erbisch joins David Haynes to discuss the unique challenges faced by rural areas in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

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Going Northbound: Filmmakers Investing in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

Iron Mountain natives Seth and Nathan Anderson developed the web series Northbound in their hometown with producer Jason Hagen, adapting from their original film concept due to Michigan’s film incentives and digital industry shifts. The series, which premiered in 2015, has highlighted local talent and production, contributing to efforts like the Multimedia Jobs Act to boost Michigan’s creative economy.

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