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Funding Challenges for Sawyer International Airport and Other Regional U.S. Airports

Sawyer International Airport Manager Duane DuRay gives an excellent overview of the funding challenges that face Sawyer and other regional airports across the U.S., how these airports get their funding, and the types of projects and operations the funding is used for.

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Dickinson Trail Network: Connecting Community Through Trails and Partnerships

President of the Dickinson Trail Network Dr. Chad Susott gives an overview on the progress of the DTN and how their efforts in expanding and improving the trails have played a part in Dickinson County becoming a destination for biking and outdoor enthusiasts, as well as the positive economic impact it is having on the region.

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Celebrating Dickinson County Achievements – Seven Things to Feel Good About in 2020

Lois Ellis, Executive Director of the Dickinson Area Economic Development Alliance, reflects on the positive developments that occurred in the Dickinson County community over the past year.

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Michigan’s Flat Tax

Michigan is one of nine states in the country with a flat income tax. Over the years, however, there have been a total of 22 bills introduced to either allow graduated income tax or to get rid of the constitutional prohibition on the graduated tax.

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October Celebration of Dickinson County Manufacturing

“Each year, the first Friday in October is celebrated nationally as Manufacturing Day (MFG Day). Over the past several years, a group of stakeholders in Dickinson County have come together to raise awareness of manufacturing by hosting a MFG Day event. This year the group is celebrating manufacturing throughout October in a new, virtual way.”

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