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John D. Voelker, Food, and Drink

John Voelker–aka Robert Traver–was the best-known author of the twentieth-century Upper Peninsula, with Anatomy of a Murder being his best-known work. In this article, Dr. Russell Magnaghi delves into how John Voelker presented food and drink in his works and concludes with a look at Voelker’s legendary food habits.

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Urban Gardens in Poland – How a Polish Tradition Could Inform American City Planning

Dr. Weronika Kusek explores the rich history and emerging trends of urban gardens in Poland and how these sustainable and community-focused practices could influence American city planning. This piece dives into how urban gardens offer solutions to urbanization, food deserts, and mental health challenges, while fostering a deep connection to nature and our food sources. Could these age-old traditions be a solution for a sustainable future?

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Sweating it Out: The U.P. and the Growing Popularity of Saunas

The Upper Peninsula’s rich sauna tradition, rooted in Finnish culture, is contributing to the booming popularity of saunas across the U.S. Learn about local businesses like The Sauna Guys and Esjay Saunas that are innovating in the industry and helping people experience the relaxation and health benefits of the sauna.

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Opinion: Don’t take your date to an asylum for Valentine’s Day

Tom Watkins and Jim Haveman recently wrote an opinion piece in The Detroit News: “Asylums that ‘treated’ individuals with mental illness have been a horror show for far too many people throughout our history. It should not become a spooky entertainment venue.”

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Alcohol Drinking in the Upper Peninsula

Dr. Russell Magnaghi gives a detailed overview of the history of alcohol regulation in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

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