New Suicide and Crisis Hotline, Nursing Education Clarification, Free Art Classes for Veterans, and a University President’s Cello Shipments


Suicide and Crisis Hotline Quick Phone Number

988.  988.  988.  988.

Don’t forget it and share it with your family and friends. It is for anyone in crisis. Use it.

If you are a US VETERAN please dial 988-1 and a veteran will be there to help you. That is 988-1.

Please tell all the veterans in your family and in your neighborhood. Put it on your Facebook posts. It is very, very important.

Clarifying Nursing Education

The Director of the NMU School of Nursing contacted us after last week’s Whispers post on this topic. She points out that we did not say in our post that the legislation creating this new nursing program at community colleges calls for “partnerships between community colleges and universities to assist associate degree students in obtaining their 4- year BSN degree.”

Thank you to NMU’s Dr. Kristi Adair for bringing this clarification to us.

This is a great opportunity for people who want to get their nursing degrees in the UP.

Free Art Classes for Veterans

This is for veterans in the Escanaba region. These art classes are free for veterans. They will be held at the Bonifas Art Center in Escanaba. They will be held in August, September and October. Contact them to register.

These free classes are provided by the Oscar G. Johnson VA Medical Center.

Shipping Your Cellos

We received a lot of comments (more than usual) on the University of Michigan’s new President and his cellos. This very distinguished scholar was just recently hired by the UM Regents.

In his new contract, in addition to his compensation package, it apparently says that the university will pay for the special shipping requirements of his cellos.

So lots of folks evidently think that since the new President’s compensation package is in excess of $1 million that maybe he could afford to ship his own cellos. Heard lots of comments about it and folks saying they are tone deaf, have tin ear, etc…

Many thought it was not necessarily the cost of doing this but the insensitivity of doing it as Americans face inflation, child care costs, skyrocketing prices and huge increases in the cost of getting a higher education degree.

What do you think?


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