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Vaccination Issues in the UP

Just like the rest of the nation, debates among families, friends and employers are going on about mandating COVID-19 vaccinations versus not getting vaccinated.

Same with masking up. States are now stepping in to mandate masks in some cases. Here in the UP, two big employers have mandated masking on their campuses–Michigan Tech and NMU.

They have not yet mandated vaccines for their employees or returning students. That involves thousands of students and employees just at those two institutions. 

Both universities are trying to find the right balance between masking and vaccine mandates. They have been diligent in informing their campuses on risks and in discussing these issues. It is not an easy decision to make.

It is a decision that could impact further exposure to the virus on those campuses and in their surrounding communities. It is a decision that could dramatically impact enrollment if returning students rebel against returning to a vaccine mandate.

Whatever decisions the universities make, it does impact the public health and potentially the economies of surrounding communities. 

U of M and MSU have both recently announced a vaccine mandate for returning students and employees. These mega institutions have little risk in losing enrollment because they have big waiting lists.

That is not true of smaller universities and colleges in Michigan who are all struggling with the mask and vaccine mandates decision. 

Should the Unvaccinated Pay More for Health Insurance?

This question was recently sent to us by several Whisperers in the UP. Interesting question with I am sure lots of strong views on both sides.

So at your family reunions and around the bonfires throughout the UP, ask that question of each other. We bet that the debate will continue into the next day.

What do you think? Let us know. Hopefully all sides will be talking to each other the next day. LOL.

Carney State of Emergency

Superior Cedar Products in Carney, Menominee county had a huge fire strike its plant. The Governor has declared a state of emergency there to deal with the huge effects of the fire.

Over 100 first responders were called to fight the blaze which was called an inferno by local leaders. 

Shortages of Employees Still Confront Businesses Throughout the UP

This sign hangs in the window of the Hungry Hollow Cafe in bustling downtown Big Bay (by the way, they have one of the best breakfasts in the UP).

This story is repeated throughout the UP in small businesses who just can’t get enough workers. Whisperers tell us that wages are increasing but evidently not enough to attract workers.

Small businesses are struggling to stay afloat. Folks say this situation will not improve in the short term but hopefully will be rectified in near future. Who knows. 

UP Renters Behind on Rent Percentages

A recent national, county-by-county study of renters who are “seriously” behind in their rents showed that Upper Peninsula county rates ranged from 8% to nearly 12%.

Interesting statistics as we listen to the national debate on eviction legislation. 

UP Health Systems Owner, Apollo, Shows Big Profits

Apollo Global Management Inc., the company that owns hospitals around the Upper Peninsula, is posting big profits.

“Shares of Apollo have climbed 30%, including dividends, since the beginning of the year. The value of the private equity portfolio climbed faster than the broader market.” (Wall Street Journal, 8.4.21).

Meanwhile, there continue to be questions about the future of the property that it owns at the former Marquette General Hospital.

The Neldberg Building is still housing some administrative and medical/psychiatric services. It is paying property taxes on the mostly-empty buildings, and the land at a rate that would be higher if the land was being used for other commercial purposes or for development of private homes.

Many in Marquette are anxious to see the land put to another purpose and producing more taxes for the operation of local government and services to area residents. 

Whisperers tell us there is hope that it could be a future site for new housing for middle and lower income residents. Thus far a deal has not been struck with a developer to purchase the property, so it is sitting there mainly empty.

Observers tell us that Lifepoint is estimated to be currently paying $2 million-plus on the College Avenue and Magnetic Street property. The good news is that there is currently some taxes being paid on the property by Lifepoint.

More good news is that there is a big chunk of land in a Marquette neighborhood for future middle income family housing. 

Quotes That Make Us Go Hmm

“The goal of education should be to produce competent, thoughtful and ethical citizens capable of being good neighbors and enterprising workers.” Bret Stephens. 2021.

“Indignation is a form of loyalty. You protect the ones you love.” Peggy Noonan. 2021.

At Rural Insights we report, not advocate. We strive to increase the diversity of regional civic information, research, and news. Hopefully more digital platforms and potential digital platforms and potential content producers, including independent journalists, local governments, nonprofits and educational institutions will contribute toward the goal of civic information and more informed citizens.

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David Haynes

David Haynes has served as a professor of public administration and public policy. He previously has served as President of Northern Michigan University. David has been involved in the public administration and political science field for over 45 years.


  1. Francis A. Malette on August 11, 2021 at 10:35 am

    Vision…and capital. Oversimplification to be sure but those are are common ingredients necessary to develop and reuse the former MGH property. Portions of that property, the south campus, are rapidly deteriorating without the kind of daily maintenance effort that was necessary to operate and maintain a healthcare facility. The energy costs to provide some limited control of the deterioration are significant and there really is no choice but to continue those costs unless Lifepoint makes the hard decision to just shut it down and let it go. That choice would likely permanently end any chance of development. The community needs to recognize and give credit to Lifepoint for continuing to carry that load on the bet that someone with the two requirements steps up. There are needs in the region that could be met by that property but the clock is ticking. Still, somewhere in my archives I have the pictures I took of the old, crumbling, windowless, pigeon roost that was the Northland hotel. Today it’s the Landmark Hotel. Vision and capital. Maybe it’s an individual or maybe it’s the community but somewhere out there the resources exist to get this done. It’s time to step up.

  2. Dee Dee on September 13, 2021 at 2:21 pm

    Why on earth are there zero conversations about natural immunity? ZERO !!!! No person should ever be forced to have a vaccine (Coerced is more like it i.e., to keep your job – see Nuremberg Code Violations), especially against something that they may already have an immunity against, it goes against ALL LOGIC!!!!. Why are there zero conversations about having a test to prove natural immunity? NO ONE SHOULD PAY ANY MORE THAN ANOTHER or be forced to become a second class citizen because they choose to take a route of life that builds immunity rather than opting to inject themselves with an emergency authorized use gene based technology labeled as a vaccine. And NO, the “COVID vaccine” was NOT approved. What was approved was Comirnaty – not the current “COVID vaccine” that is only authorized for Emergency Use. If you don’t believe me, send an email or submit a FOIA to the FDA asking for the original document pertaining to Comirnaty and the current EUA “COVID vaccine” and read the fine print.

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