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Recent Links That Might Interest You

Does the new federal stimulus law rule out state tax cuts?

One brief section of President Biden's stimulus bill is raising questions about whether states are barred from cutting their own taxes if they accept the federal help.

Federal money for emergency rental assistance available to Michiganders starting this week

Starting this week, Michiganders can get emergency COVID-19 rental and utility assistance through the Michigan State Housing Development Authority.

Where Americans Are Moving — and Why They Really Are Doing It

It's true that some cities have been losing population, but it's not because of a mass exodus to escape the coronavirus.

League of Wisconsin Municipalities: Supreme court refuses ‘dark store’ case

The Wisconsin Supreme Court has refused to hear a ‘dark store’ case. The League of Wisconsin Municipalities says Wisconsin courts continue to reject dark store arguments presented by big box stores a

Rick Haglund: Can rural economies be saved?

Can rural economies be saved? We’re living in an increasingly urban world where talent and wealth are concentrating in large metropolitan areas.