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Recent Links That Might Interest You

League of Wisconsin Municipalities: Supreme court refuses ‘dark store’ case

The Wisconsin Supreme Court has refused to hear a ‘dark store’ case. The League of Wisconsin Municipalities says Wisconsin courts continue to reject dark store arguments presented by big box stores a

Rick Haglund: Can rural economies be saved?

Can rural economies be saved? We’re living in an increasingly urban world where talent and wealth are concentrating in large metropolitan areas.

Michigan Senate Fiscal Agency Monthly Revenue Report – January 2021

Read the January 2021 monthly report from the Michigan Senate Fiscal Agency.

Thunder Bay Inn

Former playground to Henry Ford and part of a famous film and novel based on a real-life murder in the town, the Thunder Bay Inn is located 25 miles north of Marquette in the Upper Peninsula.

Forecasts say Michigan’s economy will still be recovering in 2023

Michigan’s recovery from the pandemic recession will last beyond 2022, according to University of Michigan economists who recently released new economic forecasts for the state and the nation.