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Changing demographics and employment structure bring long-term challenges to the Upper Peninsula

NMU Professor of Geography and former Dean of Arts & Sciences weights in on the long-term challenges he believes the Upper Peninsula will face as a result of changes in demographics, employment structure, and economic diversification.

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CRC article warns of challenges in borrowing to stabilize the state budget

In a recent article, the Citizens Research Council of Michigan provided important information and research on the risks and challenges involved with borrowing to stabilize Michigan’s state budget.

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Whispers, Noise & Rumors: June 15, 2020

State revenue woes continue, more on revenue options, state prison population during COVID, and a Marquette rumor from whisperers. Read more in this week’s Whispers, Noise & Rumors.

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Rural students face unique technological challenges amid COVID-19 pandemic

Educational challenges affect students in rural areas differently than in urban and suburban areas. Without sufficient access to technology like computers and high-speed internet, rural students are not going to have the same educational opportunities simply because of where their family calls home.

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Paper examines challenges faced by veterans in rural America

Rural Insights contributor Jesse Sherman examined some of the challenges faced by veterans in rural America, in a recently-published paper.

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