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Dark Store Battles Continue, U.P. Legislators Oppose Governor’s Tax Tribunal Appointment, and the Last U.P. Voice on the Supreme Court

Dark store battles continue, U.P. legislators oppose Governor’s Tax Tribunal appointment, and the last U.P. voice on the Supreme Court. Read more in this week’s Rural Whispers, Noise & Rumors.

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Great Lakes Sports Commission Helps Sustain Important Economic Sector

Susie Fox and Kevin Korpi of the Great Lakes Sports Commission provide a great overview of the history of the commission, the role that state investment into sports and related infrastructure has played, and the economic importance of sports in Michigan.

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CRC: Michigan Supreme Court rules counties can’t keep surplus proceeds from tax foreclosure sales

Jill Roof at the Citizens Research Council of Michigan gives an overview of the Michigan Supreme Court’s recent ruling that a state law allowing county treasurers to keep surplus proceeds from tax foreclosure sales is unconstitutional, and how the ruling doesn’t go far enough to address similar issues.

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Air travel in Rural America met with more challenges than ever

Sawyer International Airport Manager Duane DuRay illustrates the current landscape of airports in the rural U.P., and the challenges faced by the airports, airlines, and communities.

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How land banks are transforming rural communities

Marquette County’s Finance Manager Anne Giroux writes about how land banks are proving to be a powerful tool for locally-driven development–transforming communities and improving neighborhoods.

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