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MSU scandal starts where it should stop: With governing board

John Lindstrom’s article in the Detroit Free Press, “MSU is getting attention for the wrong…

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Student Research: Assessing Socioeconomic Trends and Disparities in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

We have a new research paper to share, this time from NMU economics major and Rural Insights student researcher Jonah Sebranek along with David Haynes, assessing the counties in the UP along a number of socioeconomic factors.

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Demography is Destiny? The Implications of Declining School Enrollment for the Upper Peninsula

In his latest article, Michael Broadway takes a look at the drop in school enrollment in the Upper Peninsula and the consequences this decline might have, and discusses what we might do to address this issue.

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Brookings Institution: Public schools heavily rely on women’s labor. Why do they pay female teachers less?

In recognition of Equal Pay Day, The Brookings Institution published a policy brief that summarizes the findings of their recent study investigating gender wage gaps among public school teachers–most notably that male public school teachers earn $2,200 more than their female colleagues of similar contexts and with comparable qualifications.

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A Conversation with Kerri Schuiling, President of Northern Michigan University

In the latest episode of the Rural Insights Podcast, David Haynes sits down with Kerri Schuiling, President of Northern Michigan University.

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