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Iron Mountain VA Medical Center Opens $12M Addition to its Community Living Center

Iron Mountain’s Oscar G. Johnson VA Medical Center has opened a $12M addition to its Community Living Center, adding 12,300 square feet to the center and renovating nearly 4,000 square feet of the existing facility.

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Michigan Veteran’s Affairs Agency Implements the Community Outreach and Regional Engagement (C.O.R.E.) Initiative

The Michigan Veteran’s Affairs Agency has implemented the Community Outreach and Regional Engagement (C.O.R.E.) Initiative, which vastly expands Michigan’s veteran outreach capabilities and allows veterans to more efficiently be connected to benefits available to them.

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VA Schedules Free Drive-up Flu Shot Clinics for Veterans

Veterans enrolled in VA health care may get their flu shots at scheduled drive-up flu shot clinics at the Oscar G. Johnson VA Medical in Iron Mountain and at its seven community-based VA clinics.

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Marquette selected as local hub for new VA suicide prevention initiative

Marquette has been selected as one of the 30 projected “Together with Veterans” hub sites, a program intended to connect veterans with one another in rural areas to reduce the number of suicides.

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Rural America and the Veterans of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

In a recent paper, David Haynes and Jesse Sherman took a look at some of the challenges faced by veterans in rural America and in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, particularly the Veteran Affairs’ efforts to provide veterans with easy access to quality health care.

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