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A True Veteran Success Story: Master Sergeant Michael Rutledge

Sharing stories of veteran success is important for the public to be able to judge the state of our veteran community in America. NMU Veteran Services Coordinator Michael Rutledge is one of those success stories.

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New Survey Shows Diversity of NMU’s Student Veterans

A new study published by NMU senior and U.S. Army veteran Ryan McChesney illustrates the diversity among 23 student veterans at the university.

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Americans are willing to pay higher taxes to improve care for veterans

Americans are quick to show their appreciation for the service of our armed forces, but are they willing to contribute more to provide better care for veterans? Marine Corps veteran and current NMU student Clay Postlewaite analyzes a recent RAND Corporation study that shows Americans are willing to pay more taxes for better veteran care.

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NMU’s Construction Management Program Provides Career Path for Transitioning Veterans

Army veteran and current NMU student Matt Goss writes: “The faculty of the Construction Management and Building Technology department at NMU are second to none in helping transitioning veterans. They are hoping to bring veterans into this field because we have the leadership skills and attention to detail this field requires.”

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Veteran Homeless Numbers in Michigan Increase, Governor’s UP Cabinet Meeting, and Michigan’s Veterans in Congress

Veteran homeless numbers in Michigan increase, Governor’s UP cabinet meeting, and Michigan’s veterans in Congress–read this week’s Rural Whispers, Noise & Rumors by David Haynes.

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