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‘UPVETS Served’ Program Provides Recreational Events and Connection to UP Veterans and Their Families

Learn about the UPVETS Served program created by SAIL and how it benefits local veterans and their families.

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A Conversation with Representative David Prestin on Rural Issues, Veterans, Childcare, and Healthcare in the U.P.

In the latest episode of the Rural Insights Podcast, David Haynes and Rural Insights Student Researcher Brenna Musser talk to Representative David Prestin from the 108th House District. They discuss the top issues affecting the district, including the need for more opportunities, housing, and jobs to improve the quality of life in the Upper Peninsula.

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Upper Peninsula Together with Veterans Initiative Created to Reduce Rural-Veteran Suicides

The Together with Veterans (TWV) initiative was first introduced on Rural Insights in August of…

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Brother Versus Brother: How Two Civil War Veterans of Opposing Sides Came to Marquette

Samuel and Robert Byrne were brothers who fought on opposing sides in the American Civil War, but following the war their paths led them to Marquette, MI, where they established their families and successful careers.

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A True Veteran Success Story: Master Sergeant Michael Rutledge

Sharing stories of veteran success is important for the public to be able to judge the state of our veteran community in America. NMU Veteran Services Coordinator Michael Rutledge is one of those success stories.

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