A Conversation With Dr. Charles Ballard, Professor of Economics at Michigan State University

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In the latest episode of the Rural Insights Podcast, David Haynes sits down with Dr. Charles Ballard, Professor of Economics at Michigan State University. They cover topics including Michigan’s economy and budget, wealth inequality and Michigan’s shrinking middle class, childcare tax, and more.

Dr. Ballard is an expert in all areas of economics including the Michigan and national economies; trade reform; tax and expenditure policy; state and local public finance; taxation; and poverty and income distribution. He has extensive experience talking with the media about the economy and politics.

Ballard also directs MSU’s quarterly State of the State Survey, which measures Michigan’s consumer confidence and approval ratings of political leaders. In 2007, he won the Outstanding Teacher Award in MSU’s College of Social Science. He currently serves as Board Chair of the Michigan League for Public Policy.

You can watch the video discussion here, or listen to the audio podcast here.

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