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Going Northbound: Filmmakers Investing in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

Iron Mountain natives Seth and Nathan Anderson developed the web series Northbound in their hometown with producer Jason Hagen, adapting from their original film concept due to Michigan’s film incentives and digital industry shifts. The series, which premiered in 2015, has highlighted local talent and production, contributing to efforts like the Multimedia Jobs Act to boost Michigan’s creative economy.

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A Brief Overview of the Changing Housing Market in Poland

Dr. Weronika Kusek’s latest article examines Poland’s evolving housing market, which has seen significant price increases and shifts from communist-era housing to modern developments.

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Recent UP Migration Trends and Their Economic Consequences

In their latest Rural Insights article, Michael and John Broadway expand their previous study on migration trends for the UP to all 15 counties, and share what conclusions we can draw from this data.

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Artificial Intelligence in the U.P.: Tool, Threat, or Paradigm Shift?

In his latest Rural Insights article, Bill Vajda provides some commentary on artificial intelligence and what he believes we can expect as AI becomes more widely adopted and utilized in the Upper Peninsula.

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Climate Change and Migration: Could Marquette County Become a Climate Haven?

The effects of climate change continue to dominate this summer’s headlines with record breaking heat…

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