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Recent Links That Might Interest You

Single parties dominate state legislatures; that’s bad for our health

"The partisan breakdown of American democracy may be making Americans less educated, poorer, sicker, and living shorter lives."

Rick Haglund: When in-demand talent can work from anywhere, what will happen to Michigan?

"The COVID pandemic has shown that high-education attainment workers can perform their jobs from just about anywhere, and many are doing them from where they want to live."

2022 State Budget Analysis – Michigan League for Public Policy

View the budget priorities that the Michigan League for Public Policy has identified for 2022.

American Rescue Plan funds can jump-start stalled opportunities for youth

"By investing in programs that help young people engage with education and career development, we can transform the labor market for the better."

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula Road Trip: Where to Stop & Everywhere to Visit – Thrillist

"One of the best American road trips Is hiding out in Michigan."