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Recent Links That Might Interest You

Watkins: Here’s how we fix Michigan’s broken mental health system

Here's how we continue the pursuit of an integrated health care system that maximizes public resources, is consumer and community-focused.

New national report: More than half a million Michigan children could be pushed into poverty if Congress fails to expand the Child Tax Credit

Congress has a real chance in the upcoming Lame Duck session to prevent greater hardship for the 554,000 Michigan children who do not receive the full $2,000 Child Tax Credit.

Innovative Housing Development and Transit Hub Addresses Workforce Housing Needs

The first and one of the largest rural transit-oriented development projects in the Midwest recently broke ground and will address critical workforce housing needs in Traverse City.

Tax-Credit Education Savings Accounts – The Next Wave of School Choice in Michigan – Citizens Research Council of Michigan

The proposed citizen-initiated law, Let MI Kids Learn, would provide access to tax-credit education savings accounts to help families finance the cost of various educational services.