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Recent Links That Might Interest You

Innovative Housing Development and Transit Hub Addresses Workforce Housing Needs

The first and one of the largest rural transit-oriented development projects in the Midwest recently broke ground and will address critical workforce housing needs in Traverse City.

Tax-Credit Education Savings Accounts – The Next Wave of School Choice in Michigan – Citizens Research Council of Michigan

The proposed citizen-initiated law, Let MI Kids Learn, would provide access to tax-credit education savings accounts to help families finance the cost of various educational services.

Michigan’s New Postsecondary Scholarship Fund Could Improve College Affordability – Citizens Research Council of Michigan

The number of Michigan high school graduates enrolling in college has fallen significantly in the last decade, and one issue has been college affordability.

Unbiased Analysis of Proposal 22-3 by the Citizens Research Council

The Citizens Research Council of Michigan has analyzed Proposal 3, a constitutional amendment on the November 8 ballot that would establish a right to reproductive services, including abortion.