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Recent Links That Might Interest You

FOIA and lobbying reform ballot initiatives call off 2022 efforts

In the aftermath of a Michigan Supreme Court decision, an effort to expand Michigan’s Freedom of Information Act and beef up lobbying laws will not attempt to make it onto the November ballot.

Least Educated Counties in Michigan

To help understand areas with the lowest educational attainment, Stacker compiled a list of the least educated counties in Michigan.

Anne Applebaum On The Ukraine Crisis – The Weekly Dish

The historian, journalist, and long-time resident of Poland debates Andrew Sullivan over the causes of Russia's looming invasion.

Least educated counties in Michigan

While a college degree has long been viewed as a critical step toward the American dream, growing costs have led many students to reconsider the return-on-investment of higher education.

Confronting Michigan’s Early Childhood Workforce Crisis

Think Babies Michigan is a collaborative of more than 1,800 members—leaders, experts, families, organizations and providers—working together to improve the lives of babies prenatally.