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Thinking about Michigan’s state and local government financial future

A recent webinar put on by the Citizens Research Council shed some light on the financial future of Michigan’s state and local governments.

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Impact of COVID-19 on rural businesses and the Upper Peninsula communities

The Marquette Downtown Development Authority recently conducted a study to know what some local business owners are saying about when businesses should open, which should open first, and how it all impacts the employees of these businesses and the owners.

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Will the rural healthcare system be a victim of COVID-19?

Will the rural healthcare system be a victim of COVID-19? Former President and CEO of Upper Peninsula Health Plan Dennis Smith discusses this in his post today on Rural Insights.

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My COVID-19 near-death experience

My name is Bill Vajda, and I am a COVID-19 survivor. My story is a…

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Covid-19 in rural Michigan/America

The following was originally published on Education Views on April 6, 2020, and is republished…

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