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Upper Peninsula Digital Network project helps reveal the treasures of rural UP history

The Upper Peninsula Digital Network, or UPLINK, project is being started to help digitize, preserve, and share historically-significant materials from about the UP. Emily Tinder, senior student assistant for the Central UP & NMU Archives, shares why a project like UPLIINK is so important, how the project got started, and what the current progress looks like.

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Blaney Park Resort – Part One

For decades, Blaney Park Resort in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula drew visitors from all over the Midwest to an unparalleled array of activities. From nearby and faraway, tourists and local residents came by train, small plane, and vehicle to Blaney Park. Read Part One of Ted Bays’ two-part series on this fascinating chapter in UP history.

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Norway Michigan: A Classic Community

What’s going on in Norway? In this piece we feature an interview with Norway City Manager Ray Anderson, and highlight the news and current happenings of interest in this classic Upper Peninsula community.

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Locally-Produced Beer a Growing Industry in the UP

Locally-produced beer is a growing industry in the Upper Peninsula, and despite an overall decline in the consumption of beer, microbreweries and brewpubs in the UP have found success in part by tying regional identity and community to their product.

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The UP’s Farming Revival

Most people would consider the Upper Peninsula largely unsuitable for agriculture; its short growing season, poor soils, extreme weather and small market make farming a challenge. However, as Michael Broadway details, there has been a reversal in the decline of farms in the UP over the last 30 years.

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