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When it Rains It Pours: Climate Change in the Upper Peninsula

In their most recent research project, Michael and John Broadway take a look at the potential impact of climate change on the Upper Peninsula.

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Dickinson Trail Network: Connecting Community Through Trails and Partnerships

President of the Dickinson Trail Network Dr. Chad Susott gives an overview on the progress of the DTN and how their efforts in expanding and improving the trails have played a part in Dickinson County becoming a destination for biking and outdoor enthusiasts, as well as the positive economic impact it is having on the region.

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Rural Forest Markers Act is a Bipartisan Win-Win for Rural Landowners and the Environment

Rural Insights contributor Tom Watkins shares his thoughts on the bipartisan “Rural Forest Markets Act” bill, which authorizes the USDA to offer loan or bond guarantees of up to $150 million to open emerging markets for carbon mitigation, among other things, to rural forest owners.

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What is rural?

Our nation is made up of rural, urban and suburban areas. The federal and state…

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