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Demography is Destiny? The Implications of Declining School Enrollment for the Upper Peninsula

In his latest article, Michael Broadway takes a look at the drop in school enrollment in the Upper Peninsula and the consequences this decline might have, and discusses what we might do to address this issue.

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Changes in the UP Economy: 2017-2021

Michael and John Broadway examine the recent changes to the Upper Peninsula’s GDP in the aftermath of Covid-19, and determine which sectors of the UP’s economy are growing and which are underperforming.

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I (Might Be) Leaving on a Jet Plane: Flight Delays in the Upper Peninsula

Michael and John Broadway take a look at the degree to which flight delays in and out of Marquette have increased due to weather conditions, comparing data from the Bureau of Transportation. They also offer a possible solution to the travel issues the Upper Peninsula currently faces.

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Michigan’s Urban-Rural Divide

Is there a clear rural-urban split in Michigan based on economic and demographic factors? Michael and John Broadway explore this question by comparing data from the UP’s 15 counties between 1989 and 2019 to a sample of metropolitan counties from below the bridge.

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The Upper Peninsula’s Food Price Premium

Higher food and gas prices are part of the cost of living in a remote area, and the latest food price increases have only added to those costs. This article illustrates the added price premium that UP residents in remote areas pay for basic food items by examining the total cost of 13 commonly-purchased food items, and the impact dollar stores have had on availability of healthy food choices.

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