Karen Kovacs, City Manager of Marquette, Michigan


In the latest episode of the Rural Insights Podcast, David Haynes sits down with Karen Kovacs, the new City Manager for Marquette. Kovacs was officially appointed as the Marquette City Manager on May 24, 2021 and took office on June 7.

The City Manager is the chief administrator for the city government and has a variety of duties including administering city departments, enforcing all laws and ordinances adopted by the City Commission, recommending an annual budget, implementing the final budget, and advising the Commission.

In this podcast, Karen discusses her background, women in public administration and available resources for women looking to get into that field, the difficulty of finding housing in Marquette and what she’s doing to help address this issue, and Marquette’s revenue situation and what’s being done and being planned to increase revenue.

You can watch the video discussion here, or listen to the audio podcast here.

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  1. Robert Anderson on April 6, 2022 at 8:34 am

    Hello David,
    How about a podcast on the Promote the Vote
    2022, a citizen’s petition drive to make permanent common-sense amendments to the Michigan
    Constitution to promote increased access to voting, sponsored by the nonpartisan MI League of Women Voters, Voters not Politicians and many other groups.

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