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An Overview of Childcare Costs and Solutions

Rural Insights student researcher Max Steele recently published a new report detailing the costs of childcare in the United States and an overview of some of the main initiatives in place to help ease the burden of high childcare costs for Americans.

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New Report: Hidden Homelessness in the Upper Peninsula

Rural Insights student researcher Max Steele recently published a new report on hidden homelessness in the Upper Peninsula–a problem that varies county-by-county and is a bigger issue than it often appears to be on the surface.

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Earned Income Tax Credit Still an Important Piece of Tax Code for Lower-Income Families

Student researcher Elan Barber gives an overview of the Earned Income Tax Credit, an important piece of the tax code that has helped lower-income families in America for several decades.

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UP Challenges for the Governor’s Office of Rural Development

The Upper Peninsula faces many challenges as a rural region that Governor Whitmer’s Office of Rural Development seeks to address–namely broadband access, infrastructure, and recruiting and retaining talent.

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Raising Awareness of Local Industry Needs Through Talent Initiatives

Talent is needed everywhere these days, and the Dickinson County area is experiencing a tight labor market like many communities, according to Lois Ellis, Director of Economic Development for the Dickinson Area Economic Development Alliance. Read about the current programs they are offering to help raise awareness of the most in-demand careers.

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