Erika Sauter

Erika Sauter is the Director for the Iron County Historical & Museum Society in Caspian, Michigan. She is an Iron County native with a passion for community development and historical preservation, the two of which she has worked in professionally for the last five years. Sauter is also a published children’s book author, and enjoys writing about and sharing local history as part of her role at the museum.

Carrie Jacobs Bond was the “Mother of America” with U.P. Roots

One of the most famous women from the U.P. is Carrie Jacobs-Bond, deemed the “Mother of America” in 1921, and the first great female song composer in the United States. 

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Celebrating Black History: Presidential Portrait Painter with Ties to the U.P.

February is the month in our nation when we intentionally celebrate and remember the stories of Black Americans. Erika Sauter, Director for the Iron County Historical & Museum Society, tells the story of Simmie Knox, a Black American artist with ties to Iron County, MI.

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Triangle Ranch: A Battle of Innovation Against the Unyielding Upper Peninsula

In this edition of Rural Voices, Erika Sauter tells the tragic story of Judson Rosebush’s Triangle Range in Iron County, Michigan–both a cautionary tale and a testament to the spirit of innovation in the face of grueling hardship in the Upper Peninsula.

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Shigaite: A Rare Gem Discovered in the U.P.

The U.P. has unique bragging rights in the world of geology, as it is one of the few places in the world where this very rare crystal has been found.

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