Lois Ellis

Elsa Pontbriand is the founder of CWRK Collective, a coworking business in Downtown Iron Mountain. She is also a co-founder of Mountain Media House, a media and communication company. After living in Wisconsin, Washington, D.C., and Chicago for many years, she returned to the U.P. and found an entrepreneur-friendly community with a demand for marketing, communication and media services.

A Place Where Everyone Belongs: Imagination Factory Children’s Museum and Community Center

Iron Mountain’s recently-completed Imagination Factory Children’s Museum provides a place where kids can have fun, learn, meet new friends, and take time to enjoy family, as well as providing a valuable community center where community and youth clubs can meet and grow.

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Building a Community of Women-Owned Businesses in Dickinson County

Elsa Faust Pontbriand, who owns the CWRK Collective coworking space in Iron Mountain, shares her story of how she’s been able to contribute to the ecosystem of women-owned businesses in Dickinson County.

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Norway Michigan: A Classic Community

What’s going on in Norway? In this piece we feature an interview with Norway City Manager Ray Anderson, and highlight the news and current happenings of interest in this classic Upper Peninsula community.

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